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    Looking at Mexico for a manufacturing facility?

    We are a one-stop clearinghouse for all Mexico City, State, and Federal economic development information to facilitate investment in Mexico's manufacturing sector.

    We quickly deliver Mexico city and Mexican state reports to save you the time, inconvenience, and lack of confidentiality one finds when dealing directly with multiple Mexican states and cities.

    We are not tied to any specific Mexico city or Mexican state, nor are we affiliated with any Mexico shelter organization, Mexico real estate development or other entity that would bias our information.

    What we do

    • Project Design and Site Selection
    • Start-Up Management Programs (SMP)
    • Supplier Development
    • Personnel Development
    • Real Estate


    • Juan Francisco Garza-Parra
      (Brownsville / Monterrey)

      Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon - Monterrey, Mexico ’75
      MBA University of Utah ‘79
      Mexican corporate and labor attorney
      Human Resources consultant
      31 years of experience in the USA and Mexican industry
    • Eduardo Garza
      (Brownsville / Matamoros / Reynosa)

      BBA Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico ’73
      38 years in the Maquiladora industry
      32 plant start-ups in Mexico and USA
    • Pedro Garza

      BBA Monterrey Tech, Monterrey, Mexico ’72
      MBA Pan-American University ‘79
      M Ed Pan-American University ‘85
      30 years experience as training consultant
  • Our services what we do

    • Workshops

      Legal Structure
      IMMEX Program
      Mexican Accounting
      Mexican Labor Law
      Import / Export
      Support Industry

      Site Selection

      Target Cities
      Industrial Parks
      Labor Environment

    • Designed to assist companies that need to operate their own stand alone facility but require help to obtain the necessary permits, lease contracts, labor contracts and temporary management of the administrative functions while they concentrate on their production process and customer service

      • Incorporation of Mexican Corporation
        IMMEX Program
        Mexican Accounting and Mandatory Declarations
        Payroll and Benefits
        Human Resources Management
        Personnel Recruiting
        Import/ Export Funtions
        Trainning Programs Design and Coordination
        Proffesional Services Coordination
        Purchasing of Indirect Supplies

      • Manufacturing Equipment
        Components and Materials
        Custom's Brokers Fees
        Import Duties

      • Rapid Start-up by Experts
        Immediate Manufacturing Eages Savings
        Gradually Learn the Mexican Business Protocol
        Access to Experienced Maquiladora Management
        Low Profile (If Requiered)

    • Training Outsourcing

      Training Consulting
      Leadership Skills
      Teamwork and Team Building
      Operational Management
      Quality Assurance
      Lean Organization
      Problem Solving
      Decision Making
      Time Management
      Communication Skills

    • Site Selection

      Facilities Selection

      Title Search

      Due Diligence

      Lease / Purchase Contracts

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    109 E Price Rd
    Brownsville, TX 78521
    Tel: (956) 544-4640


    Matamoros, Mexico
    Ave. Chapultepec No.1600
    Parque Industrial Finsa Ote.
    Tel: (868) 812-8318

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    Under this program MLTIC allows the client to have the quickest start process, avoiding the loss of time organizing and operation it’s own subsidiary, minimizing potential risks associated with unknown factors and at the same time allowing them to have full control in their budget, production and quality.

    A Shelter Program is especially important when these new projects are located in a different country, with a different work cultures, legislation and society.

    MLTIC provides programs designed to support any industrial project before, during and after the initiation of its operations.

    Full Shelter Programs

    Start Up - Services

    On-Going Services

    MLTIC distinguishes itself from its competitors in several ways.

    The most important and most beneficial for the client, is that all its services are provided by experienced and highly qualified personnel, all of which, are directly employed by MLTIC.

    This circumstance eliminates the need to hire third parties, a reason why MLTIC can assure the quality of its services and provide top customer satisfaction.

    Overhead Management Services

    Full Shelter

    A Shelter Program is especially helpful when new manufacturing projects are established in a different country, with new and different culture, laws and regulations

    Start Up Services

    Our Start Up Services support new manufacturing projects to establish and start operations by providing all the needs that such process may require

    On Going Services

    As a full service company, MLTIC provides a variety of quality services designed to help companies already established and operating


    The Human Resources division of MLTIC provides a variety of services designed to meet and exceed the needs which a client may have, in relation to any labor issue. We offer our clients over 20 years of experience, resulting from more than 20,000 workers and 1,000 executives being hired by our clients.

    The large variety of human resources activities, which exist in every organization, can be completely operated by MLTIC or supported by its tailor made packages as per the client´s requirements. We have the expertise and capability to handle the human resources needs of small, medium and large companies. Since the needs of each company are different, we have always had the ability to adjust our services in accordance to each one of our client's needs.

    Our services go from the outsourcing of personnel to very specific human resources tasks, but every single one of the them, gets the same attention to quality and detail what distinguishes MLTIC form its competitors.


    With more than 20 years of creating successful logistics solutions, choosing MLTIC to manage your supply chain, while providing plenty of value added, is the best decision your company can make.

    The expertise and specialization of these three companies has resulted in very high levels of customer satisfaction within a highly competitive environment, “where timing and service are the most important issues for the customers”

    Since1987, when MLTIC created a logistics organization it has been successfully providing integrated services and solutions to its customers, as per their specific logistics needs.

    These services allow our final customers to concentrate all their efforts on their core business by assigning all their supply chain management activities to our logistics companies.

  • REAL ESTATE← back

    MLTIC’s experts provide professional advice to make the best site selection

    The experience in industrial parks development and real estate promotion of MLTIC, as well as, the service business units that provide support to its clients, distinguishes MLTIC from other industrial real estate brokerage and consulting organizations.

    MLTIC’s real estate trustworthy team, makes the decision process a success, since our client oriented philosophy fulfills expectations while delivering tailor made solutions and the knowledge of México’s real estate industrial market, gives MLTIC the opportunity to offer you the best options available.

    Our support during the site's decision making process, assures your success

    MLTIC’s work ethics

    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Professionalism
    • Long term commitment


    Over 20 years of experience allow MLTIC’s construction team, to provide top quality results

    CONSTRUCTION Over 20 years of experience allow MLTIC’s construction team, to provide top quality results By 2010, MLTIC has built over 5’759,409 sq. ft. of industrial facilities, developed more than 250 acres of industrial land and provided a considerable amount of expansions, improvements, special installations and maintenance services, while simultaneously providing top customer satisfaction.

    Through all these years, MLTIC has developed industrial parks, industrial buildings, offices and commercial facilities in Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. Additionally, MLTIC has been providing a series of services all related to the location, project, layout and development of the land, and the project, engineering and construction of the facilities, always considering each client specific needs.

    Our company with its corporate tradition of high quality and timely service, has successfully accomplished its work as requested by each project. Everything has always been accomplished within the time frames and specifications required by the clients and agreed to by MLTIC


    • Our clients have chosen CIESA based on its excellent reputation

    • Facilities are always designed considering the client’s specifications and time requirements

    • CIESA has always provided high quality, personalized service and close communication with its clients, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction





    MLTIC IT started operations in 2001, since then, it has been committed to provide top quality services and has helped its clients to solve their IT needs “We transform what seems to be complex technology needs into simple solutions at competitive costs”.

    MLTIC IT is always supporting our clients to achieve their best productivity and profitability, with our own expert and service oriented personnel.

    MLTIC IT Characteristics:

    • We provide total and complete solutions to all your IT needs

    • Our efforts focus on consulting, designing and installing the solutions, while being an active element of the client´s supply chain

    • We meet the highest national and international industry standards. This has been possible since our team of professionals has obtained the most important certifications and specializations available

    MLTIC IT Objectives:

    • To offer top quality services, the best response time and excellent prices
    • To supply our products and services while safeguarding our client’s real needs
    • To provide top customer satisfaction to all our customers
    • To understand the real needs of our clients
    • To work with our clients to provide support in reaching their specific objectives


    • “MLTIC IT will always design a tailor made package deal for each client, in complete accordance to its needs”

    • “We are a 100% reliable company that has been on the market over 9 years”

    • “A full team of qualified engineers is assigned to service every client safeguarding our clients economics ”

Your Success in Mexico is Our Priority

If you are considering to expand your business in Mexico , our firm can assist you to design your project, select the best site, determine the best operating structure and/or provide you with either a Management Start-Up program or a Turn Key program to operate your own subsidiary, tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can quickly increase your profits by concentrating on your production and quality processes, while we take care of the day to day business in Mexico.